Air conditioning systems for businesses face a different challenge than the residential ones. Businesses have people constantly coming in and out, which means that doors are constantly being opened making it hard to maintain a consistent temperature across the room. This forces the system to work longer cycles. As with the case with residential systems air conditioning commercial systems require frequent check ups and maintenance. At Premium Air Systems we offer:


1. Oil blower motor as necessary
2. Check for gas leaks, correct as necessary
3. Check burner operation
4. Check pilot operation
5. Check electrical condition of all components during operation
6. Check all electrical connections for wear of looseness and correct as necessary
7. Perform complete operational check of equipment
8. Check freon level of refrigeration system and correct as necessary
9. Clean oil of condenser as necessary
10. Generally clean condenser section of units as necessary

1. Check for loose panels and correct as necessary
2. Replace missing screws or tighten as necessary
3. Check for vibration
4. Check voltage to unit
5. Check for rust and paint deterioration
6. Check or replace filters as required
7. Provide emergency service will be available as other times at an additional overtime cost of ½ the normal rate.